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Forthcoming programme

Below is our programme for Summer 2017. You can download a pdf version here: IFC Summer 2017

Date Artist  
6th April 2017 Robin Gillan Robin's been appearing at the club for quite a few years now, and we've been gratified to see him develop into a superb singer and player of fiddle, banjo, guitar and melodeon. Mainly Ameican Old Time, but also blues and British traditional material.
13th April 2017 Kath Tait One of the cleverest and funniest singer/songwriters around. She's pretty nifty on the guitar, too. All the way from New Zealand (originally, not specially for tonight).
20th April 2017 Peta Webb, Ken Hall & Simon Hindley Local legends perform mostly Americana, with voices, guitar, fiddle and kazoo. The Crouch End Nightingale, the Wigan Warbler and the Finchley ... er, Finch, will jerk your tears and evoke the spirit of The Hoosier Hot Shots to send you home with a smile on your face. (This blurb first used in 2015, so it's got a few years left in it yet.)
27th April 2017 BOF! All the way from Essex (and other parts possibly), with traditional French and Breton dance and song, playing bagpipes, diatonic accordion, hurdy gurdy and guitar/bass. Post Article 50, let's all dance off the cliff together.
4th May 2017 Bob Davenport, Roger Digby & Liz Giddings Legends of the London music scene perform songs, stories, jokes and tunes, with anglo concertina and fiddle.
11th May 2017 Beskydy Welcome return of our own local Eastern European band: fiddles of various sizes, accordion, clarinet, percussion and voices.
18th May 2017 Dorten Yonder + Terry Hiscock & Roger Trevitt An evening of contemporary song. Half of legendary folk rock band, Hunter Muskett, with the songs and honey-rich voice of Terry Hiscock and inticately interwoven guitar and mandolin. Dorten Yonder are regulars at the club in many different guises. Tonight they perform the songs of Maggie Eiseman-Renyard and other band members with many different instruments (count 'em!).
25th May 2017 David Rovics Songs of Social Significance. David Rovics has been called the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US. He and his songs are featured on national radio around the world. He's probably got a few new songs, as the world has changed considerably since last we saw him.
1st June 2017 John Watterson (Fake Thackray): The Lost Will and Testament of Jake Thackray Fabulous songs - hilarious, serious, bitingly satirical - along with never-before told stories. Much loved classics, along with forgotten, unreleased (and banned by the BBC) lost gems.
8th June 2017 Long Lankin Long Lankin is a contemporary folk group made up of three female singers and instrumentalists, who mix original compositions with inventive arrangements of traditional material. Singing in close harmony, they have their roots in England Shetland and Sweden.
15th June 2017 Pete Cooper's London Fiddle School + Bernard Puckett + Alice Reid (Trad2Mad) A feast of fiddling orchestrated by maestro Pete Cooper; even more of the screeching stick insect than usual, doing 'bus songs', he says; and one of our Trad2Mad entrants. A veritable banquet of music - and similar.
22nd June 2017 Alma A welcome return of fiddle-driven band, featuring Emily Askew and John Dipper, both long-time favourites at the club, with Adrian Lever on guitar. "ethereal and seductive ... their repertoire continually springs surprises. The playing is spry, intelligent and joyous, too." Sunday Times
29th June 2017 Amanda MacLean & Andrew Shaw Last of the season, to send us off on our summer holidays, are two more old favourites. Mainly unaccompanied singing of Scottish and English songs, from Sharp's stalwarts.
Notes by Alex Szyszkowski

If you're interested, here is a list of previous guests, since 1997.

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