Islington Folk Club

Forthcoming programme

Below is our programme for Spring-Summer 2016. Here is a pdf version you can download.

Date Artist  
31st March 2016 Askew Sisters Superb fiddle, melodeon, singing. What can we say that hasn't been said before?
7th April 2016 Martin Carthy What can we say? Get here early! Special prices for this evening: 10 (members 8)
14th April 2016 Martin Nail & Panjandrum The return of The Treasurer with other members of the club's former resident band, now trading under a new name. Songs from the tradition, Clive James and Pete Atkin, and the legend that was the great Freddy McKay.
21st April 2016 Brian Peters Virtuoso on melodeon, anglo concertina and guitar, specialising in northern dance tunes and songs. "One of the very best performers in the field of English traditional song and music" Dirty Linen
28th April 2016 Spikedrivers With guitar, harmonica, bass and percussion "they take you on a journey, from southern juke-joints and lazy front porches to the huge open spaces of dust bowls and railroad tracks disappearing into the distance ..." Make sure you've got a return ticket.
5th May 2016 Laurel Swift and Ben Moss Three fiddles, two voices, one melodeon and a pair of clogs -- and only two people. High octane playing and clogging!
12th May 2016 Wizz Jones Legendary, hugely-influential singer guitarist. Songs from Big Bill Broonzy to the Albigensian Crusade (for all the Cathars in the audience).
19th May 2016 Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith Traditional and original folksong of the British Isles with an East Anglian influence. Guitar, banjo and vocal harmony.
26th May 2016 Emily Askew Band -- Early Music Does what it says on the tin. Yet more from the seemingly inexhaustible Askew musical fountainhead.
2nd June 2016 Proper English East Anglian trio performing traditional folk songs and dance tunes, as well as lots of music hall and pop songs, with fiddle, melodeon, concertina, banjo and cello. Stalwarts of the English country dance scene since time immoral, they have graced such influential bands as Tickler's Jam, Katie's Quartet, Old Hat, The Posh Band and The English String Band. Let's have a party!
9th June 2016 Kathryn Locke's Chodompa Music With a CV that includes The Chainsaw Sisters, Token Women, Vivando, The Hosepipe Band and Flook, Kathryn Locke, Geoff Coombs and Sarah Allen need no introduction. Tonight they will be playing original music from the salt marshes of Essex to the foothills of the Himalayas.
16th June 2016 London Fiddle School + Ajay Srivastav + Mark Lisicki A feast of fiddling orchestrated by maestro Pete Cooper; blues and Indian folk; and our own Wood Green bluesman.
23rd June 2016 Steve Turner Yet more virtuoso playing from this English concertina player and singer with an eclectic selection of material.
30th June 2016 Jim Murray and the Too Good to Hurry Band Traditional and contemporary songs from the North-East of England and elsewhere, sung in Jim's inimitable style. Some classic Geordie anthems from Tommy Armstrong, Geordie Ridley and the like, with fiddles, melodeon, concertinas (duet and anglo) and guitar. "... an excellent evening, with some intelligent reworkings of old songs, some revivals of songs I haddn't heart since my teens, and some new songs in traditional style. Highly recommended!" Valmai Goodyear, Lewes Folk Club (Is this enough?)
Notes by Alex Szyszkowski

If you're interested, here is a list of previous guests, since 1997.

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