Islington Folk Club

Forthcoming programme

Below is our programme for winter-spring 2015. You can download a pdf of the programme.

Date Artist  
8th January 2015 Ragged Out String Band High octane old time mountain music with fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass and harmony vocals. The last time they appeared at the club one of them had to leave at half time because his boat had sprung a leak. That couldn't happen again, could it?
15th January 2015 Rosewood All the way from East Anglia, Rosewood is a newish name for a trio who have played here under various guises: The Hosepipe Band, Crownstreet, Bof! - and even the Suffolk Session.They sing and play traditional and contemporary songs and tunes on an impressive array of instruments, including bagpipes, recorder, hammered dulcimer, saxophone, desk bells, guitar, bouzouki, melodeons and concertina. Let's hope they can find a parking space for their lorry.
22nd January 2015 Blue Thursday A homeopathic dose of the blues to help you get over Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year, according to the media. London bluesmen, Simon 'The Man With No Name' Hindley and his Fablon Guitar and Chris 'Diving Duck' Bluestreet and his Blue Guitar, are ably assisted by those sons of fun, The Half Empty Jug Band (with their wood-coloured guitar, mandolin and brown jug).
29th January 2015 Nigel of Bermondsey & the GentleFolk The enigmatic Nigel is a favourite at the club performing his intriguing original songs. He returns with his new power band, featuring voices, guitar, fiddle, cello and shruti box.
5th February 2015 Jim Causley & Lukas Drinkwater Jim is known for his natural gift for interpreting traditional song, his deep, rich voice which belies his years and his relaxed and playful stage presence. We've seen him solo and in various combinations (insert your own joke) but he's here tonight in his latest incarnation with guitarist Lukas Drinkwater.
12th February 2015 Laurel Swift and Ben Moss + Stick In the Wheel + The Museyroom Traditional and original songs with fiddles, melodeon, clogs and voices; "Welshy Cornish Cockney Folk Music" from "the hottest new folk band for ages..." fRoots; and something completely different on clarinet and melodeon - mind your hats goan in! * order of billing by length of name and number of fRoots covers.
19th February 2015 Reuben's Train Songs from the darker side of life, with both pathos and bathos. Mostly American songs, some traditional and some not so traditional. lu·gu·bri·ous, adj. mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree.
26th February 2015 Dave Shepherd & Simon Gielen English, Belgian, French and Breton Dance music with the fiddle of the long-time member of Blowzabella, possibly the most influential band in Europe, and the young virtuoso diatonic accordion player, hot from Eurostar.
5th March 2015 Martin Carthy What can we say. Come early. Special prices: £10 entrance (£8 for members)
12th March 2015 Jeff Warner One of America's foremost performers and interpreters of traditional music. Banjo, guitar, concertina and voice.
19th March 2015 Hannah Sanders British and American ballads and some contemporary songs with guitar and baritone mountain dulcimer - and the voice of an angel.
26th March 2015 Kathryn Locke with Chodompa Music With a CV that includes The Chainsaw Sisters, Token Women, Vivando, The Hosepipe Band and Flook, Kathryn Locke, Geoff Coombs and Sarah Allen need no introduction. Tonight they will be playing original music from the salt marshes of Essex to the foothills of the Himalayas.
2nd April 2015 Barluath
9th April 2015 Leon Rosselson
16th April 2015 tba
23rd April 2015 Tom McConville
30th April 2015 Mary Humphreys and Anahata
7th May 2015 Pete Morton
14th May 2015 tba
21st May 2015 tba
28th May 2015 David Rovics
Notes by Alex Szyszkowski

If you're interested, here is a list of previous guests, since 1997.

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