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Trad2Mad competition 2013

"From the fiercely traditional to the frankly eccentric."

In 2013 the Islington Folk Club again held a competition across the World Wide Web for unaccompanied solo singers. Entry was free and videos had to be uploaded to YouTube by 31st October 2013.


The winners were announced at the club Christmas Party on Thursday 19th December 2013:

1st prize Gemma Khawaja Higher Germany
2nd prize Karina Knight The Lover's Ghost
3rd prize Sunnie Dae Dandy Shandy

Short list

The judges have chosen the following short list (they are listed in YouTube URL -- ie random -- order).

Singer Song YouTube URL
Gavin Atkin Short Jacket and White Trousers
Louise Jordan Bedlam
Piers Haslam Babes in the Wood
Eleanor Penny The Blacksmith
Carol Burtt Father's Song
Mandy Rowland The Barmaid's Song
Sunnie Dae Dandy Shandy
Karina Knight The Lover's Ghost
Kim Lowings The Bonny Labouring Boy
Gemma Khawaja Higher Germany
Ffion Mair Myn Mair

2013 entries

The following 36 entries were received.

Singer Song YouTube URL
Dave Worley Lover Launderette
Alison Barnes She moved through the fair
Daria Kulesh Sadko Lullaby
Gavin Atkin Short Jacket and White Trousers
Peg Aloi Westlin Winds
Bill Pardon Face On the Water
Louise Jordan Bedlam
Patrick Rose Murder At Westmill
Mike Musgrove The Window
John Foxen Nine Times a Night
Piers Haslam Babes in the Wood
Eleanor Penny The Blacksmith
Aisling Austin Grand Junction
Carol Burtt Father's Song
Mab Foxen The Recruited Collier
Josh Cartwright The Rose of York
Mandy Rowland The Barmaid's Song
Claire Mace Outlandish Knight
Ali Rose Another Train
Kate Rouse The Green Bed
Sunnie Dae Dandy Shandy
Michelle Paris Hills of Glenshee
Karina Knight The Lover's Ghost
Hannah Sanders Sailor's Life
John Cattini Slieve Gallon Brae
Robin Timmis Pretty Saro
Kim Lowings The Bonny Labouring Boy
Peter Jaines Johnny McEldoo
Martin Sellers The Gardener and the Ploughman
Peter Walters Wop, She 'ad It-IO
Steve Donnelly Sammy's Bar,
Jim Hickson Died for Love
Gemma Khawaja Higher Germany
Alison Raymond The Four loom Weaver
Jane Thomson Songs My Mother Taught Me
Ffion Mair Myn Mair

Bernard Puckett's take on the competition:


1st prize 100 -- 2nd prize 50 -- 3rd prize 25

  1. Singers must be solo and unaccompanied.
  2. The song should be introduced with the singer's name, the song title, and the words "This is my entry for the 2013 Islington Folk Club Trad2Mad competition".
  3. The complete performance, including introduction, should last no more than 4 minutes. This limit will be strictly enforced.
  4. The file name should include singer's name, song title and 'trad2mad'. Some indication of source -- ie the person, event, recording, broadcast or book from which the singer learned the song -- should be given in the YouTube description field.
  5. Only one song may be entered per person.
  6. The trad2mad e-mail address ( will be available up to the closing date, 31st October 2013.
  7. The results will be announced at the Islington Folk Club Christmas party on 19th December 2013, and posted on ths website.
  8. Entry is free.
  9. Prizes will be paid by a sterling cheque drawn on a British bank.
  10. The Trad2Mad competition is intended to encourage new and un-established performers although all are welcome to enter. The judges may reflect the spirit of this rule in their choices.
  11. The judges' decision is final.


Trad2Mad 2009 to 2012

A number of entrants from 2009 to 2012 have already been booked at the club.

Past Winners

Details of all the previous entries and winners are available here:

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